This is one Picky Kitty! He's used to eating all his favourite foods and hates vegetables!
To set up the game, Snap the kittens tail into position. Then, place the plate in the kittens arms. Pins must fit. The plate is very sensitive and triggers easily so be sure not to touch it once it is in place.
Place the cat in the middle of the table or playing area. Hold the kittens head and push it towards the playing position.
Split the vegetables evenly between players. Players should keep their vegetables in their hands. The player who hates vegetables the most plays first.
Spin the spinner and apply the corresponding action based on where the middle of the fork points. But be careful! This is one bad tempered kitty!
If any vegetables fall from the plate during your turn, take it back and add to your pile! The first player to get rid of all their vegetables wins the game!
For 2-4 Players, Aged 4+