The MICHELIN car service for real workshop fans! The garage can be disassembled and reassembled again and again with a screwdriver and is ready for any assembly job. The cool car is just waiting for that! Because it not only needs new tyres, but also a complete check-up. Under the friendly smiling eyes of the Michelin Man, everything is done quickly and the pretty little car can roll off the lifting platform and back onto the road via the solid ramps. Screwing, turning, repairing and just playing around trains the motor skills, hand-eye coordination as well as the imagination and creativity of the children.

MICHELIN Service Station with car
Both the toy car workshop and the car can be easily dismantled and quickly reassembled with a child-friendly screw system. The set includes a screwdriver and four spare wheels for the car. The car workshop has a height-adjustable lifting platform and is built in the popular Michelin Car Service design, just like the car.

The children’s car workshop for born tinkerers who like to dismantle and reassemble not only cars but also whole buildings
With a screwdriver the spare wheels can easily be screwed to the car
On the lifting platform the cars are held stable at the right height and repaired before they roll over the ramps to freedom
Dismantling and reassembling a car and workshop trains creativity, motor skills and spatial thinking
Dimensions: 41 cm x 39 cm x 29 cm
Suitable for children from 3 years of age